Start Your Own Towing Company and Make Money

A tow truck service proves to be a profitable venture. This venture needs some serious commitment of money and time. You need to spend some time planning the business and locate ways for spreading the word about towing services. You may need to invest money in tow trucks to run the business.

Here in this article we will tell you all about starting your own towing firm and make money from it.

Consider top payroll companies

Payroll is one of the commonest types of services that businesses should consider. A business needs to outsource HR and payroll services to make money. There are several payroll providers that offer available in the market such as Paycom, ADP, Gusto, TriNet, and JustWorks. These companies offer expert services to its clients throughout the world.

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Create a business plan for the towing business

Include the different kinds of towing services that you are going to offer. These include post-accident, illegal parking tows, breakdown and details pertaining to how you will operate, and fund your business. Create marketing plans, and expand your towing business.

Buy tow trucks for the business

You will be required a minimum of 1 tow truck to begin the business. You will eventually require a few more trucks for maximizing the business potential. Before you make a buying decision, it is important to know about the 2020 models. Some of these popular options include hook-and-chain tow trucks, flat-bed trucks, wheel-lift tow trucks, etc.

Apply for a license

Before you run the towing business, it is important to obtain a license, or legal permission to run the business. For this, you will need to contact the office of the county clerk, and the department of inspection, and licensing.

You may even need to obtain a special permit, or license to run a tow truck firm. Contact the secretary’s office of state to find out what is necessary for conducting business, and ways to apply.


With these simple and effective tips, you can make money by starting your own towing company.

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