2020 Year Lineup Details of Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris hatchback made a comeback this year in addition to the sedan models. It is still considered as a desirable model for many, while its similarity with Mazda styling can be recognized at the first glance itself by those who know the brands well. Some even say that the 2020 Yaris is actually carrying the spirit of Mazda 2 hatchback while carrying the Toyota badge.

The sales team at the Ontario Toyota dealer showroom informed us that Toyota hasn’t yet announced anything specific about the changes it is doing for the 2020 edition of Yaris. This made many experts guess that the styling cues of  the hatchback might keep the square-jawed look that is prevalent in the Yaris sedan models along with a top-hinged tailgate.

2020 Trim Lineup

The 2020 Yaris hatchback series is lined up by Toyota in LE and XLE trim levels. As of now, all the trim versions of the 2020 model year of Yaris hatchback are seen to be powered by a 1.5-liter inline-4 engine that is rated at 106 of horsepower when mated with the sole option of a 6-speed automatic transmission.

We all know that the last year models of Yaris sedan series were given the option to be driven with a manual gearbox, but it isn’t known, if the same will get carried over into 2020 for the sedan versions. With the above mentioned powertrain configuration the 2020 Toyota Yaris could score an EPA estimation of 40 mpg on the highway, which is quite an impressive count for its segment.

The sedan models of the 2020 Toyota Yaris on the other hand runs with an inline-4 engine that can delivers enough power to carry the lightweight car weighing only about 2,400 pounds.

Mechanism to Perform

Take any Toyota vehicle and you can rest assure about its ability to perform. That is because the manufacturer brings out innovative technologies to improve the performance of each vehicle depending upon its body style, passenger hauling capacity and other purposes it serves. Forthe2020 series of Yaris models we find the MacPherson strut front suspension installed in pair with a torsion-beam rear axle.

With these mechanisms put to work, both the sedan and hatchback models of the 2020 Toyota Yaris models are able to deliver sporty yet predictable handling. Each time to take a ride with any of its models will bring you back with a pleasant experience. Those who sits behind its wheels say that they found the drives to be consistently firm yet flexible, while the responses to the driving inputs always were always composed in spite of the roads being unpredictable. The newly introduced electric power steering system is known for making every maneuvering easier than ever before, as its thick-rimmed three-spoke steering wheel keeps the hands rested on a solid base.

If you compare the sedans with the hatchback versions of the 2020 Toyota Yaris you’ll find 16 cubic feet of cargo room in the hatchbacks which is three cubes extra than the sedans. If you feel curious to know what other features the 2020 series of Toyota Yaris has to offer, take a test drive with any of its trims at a reputable showroom like that of the Ontario Toyota dealership at your earliest.

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