Unique Features of the Tesla Model Y

Model Y successfully translates the look of Model 3 into a tall vehicle without cartoons. The roof looks like a coupe SUV like the BMW X6, but it’s done well. The hatch-to-hatch transition is almost invisible and the proportions are kept wise despite being 7.1 inches high and only 2.2 inches long. It’s easy to misinterpret Model 3 models if you do not see the two together. Tesla’s latest project is the intersect of full electric model Y. 

The model shares the majority of its platform and cabin model with 3 sedans that were expected to release in 2020. According to the manufacturer, the Tesla (TSLA stock) Model Y can be considered as a new luxury small electric SUV. It joins the Model X in Tesla’s series of electric SUVs. It is smaller than the X and does not have the shiny performance of the X. Being the first compact SUV of the company, the model has a lot to offer to its owner. 

The market researchers are expecting that the model can attract luxury SUV car owners who want to choose green energy options. Hence, car companies like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz can face tough competition from the model. There are many other unique features of the model. For example, there are standard doors instead of attached hinged doors at the top of the Y. In fact, the Y looks like a Tesla Model 3 sedan with the same type of interior and electric drive unit. 

It is the first small electric luxury SUV to hit the market. Car manufacturers like BMW and Volvo are also planning to launch their own electric SUVs. The long-range four-wheel drive model offers a large battery pack with a range of up to 316 miles; Not only High-performance but also the model offers rear-wheel drive and long-range models. Hence, in other words, the latest model is similar to the top adaptation of the compact sedan. The upcoming model will be equipped with a third row with a total of seven seats. The Tesla Model Y is a small, all-electric luxury SUV with five seats. 

Tesla says it will launch an alternative third-seat space that takes two seats in 2021. Currently, the Model Y can be ordered in two trim levels: long-range and performance, both with four-wheel drive. We believe that the Model Y is an important vehicle for Tedla, the industry, and consumers, so it needs to be evaluated. Richard Hawke of Precision One Design in Torrance, California, has agreed the model is one of the best two-engine long-range Tesla models.  You can check more information from its news at

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