Top Features Most Requested In New Vehicle Purchases

So, that old vehicle is about to clunk out on you and be put out into the great unknown.  It is a sad day when this happens but don’t fret, for this gives you the opportunity to go in search of a new vehicle that will make you smile again.

When looking for a new vehicle there are a lot of different high tech as well as low tech features that you can consider.  Listed below are the top features that most people have asked for when looking for a new vehicle.


When it comes to a vehicle, bigger isn’t always better, however, storage is very important.  If you have a large family, run a business or just have a lot of stuff you like to carry with you then storage is a must.  The first thing that you will want to consider isvan storage systems.  With van storage systems we have the power to customise the space that we have in our vehicles and make sure we get the most out of them.

What most people typically don’t consider besides the internal storage that they have, on most vehicles the possibility of an external storage system should also be considered.  With most vans and utes, the option of some type of van racking or general racking system is most popular.

When working with van racking, we can carry large items such as ladders, piping, cables and more.  Using the interior of our vans with these systems allows us to configure a unique layout that will allow for a wide range of different products.  For electricians they can use these systems to carry tools, small accessories and more.  For anyone else, using these systems can really transform their vans into mobile command units.


After storage the next thing that people will look for is technology.  With all of the new technology built into vehicles today, most people will feel as if they are on the Starship Enterprise.  One of the most requested pieces of technology is the infotainment system.  These systems allow you to play music, have GPS, make phone calls and so much more.  Depending on the size of the infotainment screen you can have a wide variety of different features.

Backup Cameras

One thing that has saved a lot of dings and dents as well as damage from accidents are the backup cameras that are now becoming standard on all vehicles.  With the backup camera, particularly on a van, you will be able to see who is coming, where they are going and so much more.

Lane Assist

The lane assist option is a great one as well.  When activated, you will be notified if a vehicle is in the lane next to you.  If so, your car will beep signalling the driver to let them know what is going on.  For those driving late at night or in low light conditions, that can be a very useful piece of technology to have in your vehicle.

From here you should have some basic thoughts as to what you want to get.  Go and explore and see what possibilities await you.

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