Motorbikes are getting more appraisal all over the world due to a plethora of benefits associated with bike riding. Bike riding can be a very fun and healthy mode of transportation. While modifying and accessorizing your bike can be an important aspect of owning a bike for bike riding enthusiasts.

Passionate bike riders do not feel like ownership vibes until they bend and meld their bikes according to their preferences and style. Suzuki Boulevard motorbike series is one of the most stylish, powerful, and customizable motorbikes out there.

Riders love this motorbike for its classic stealth look, heavy build quality, V-twin fuel injection engine and an extreme 128 horsepower and ease of customizations and modifications. It is not a cup of tea for beginner level bike riders, this is a serious ride for experienced bike riders as it can weigh over 330 kg depending on the model and handling this bike can prove to be a bit of a challenge.

These types of powerful motorbikes can look very stylish and appealing when properly accessorized and modified. To make your Suzuki boulevard motorbike look more dope here are the top 5 accessories that you must own.


Motorcycle saddlebags should be your first choice while accessorizing your motorbike. Saddlebags provide you the facility to carry highly important and useful tools such as first aid kits, an extra supply of fuel, snacks for your road trips, and any other thing that you may seem fit to carry with you wherever you go. It is very important that you choose a durable and high-quality saddlebag that is spacious and long-lasting. Here are the highest quality Suzuki saddlebags that will look and serve your boulevard greatly.

An STS system

A smart-turning-system (STS) can be a very fine addition to your motorbike accessory list. This lightweight and the handy device can spare you the trouble of turning your signals on and off again and again. This device acts as a sensor and automatically detects and cancels your turn-signals as you go. Let’s admit it, people make mistakes some forgets to turn off their signals and some give wrong signals while going in the exact opposite direction as the signal indicates. This device will ensure proper signal management and will reduce the risk of any mishap due to wrong signalling.

Smart Braking system

The red braking light at the rear of bikes is only highlighted when a rider pushes the brakes. While there are many scenarios where a rider does not have to push all the brakes and can simply reduce speed by releasing the throttle. This is known as ‘engine braking’ as the rider reduces speed by cutting the power to the engine except for applying brakes. A smart braking system will immediately activate the stoplights of the bikes whenever the rider releases the throttle. This indicates the other vehicles behind you that the rider has reduced the speed and will help in preventing any rear-end-collisions at night.

Anti-theft device

Your bikes can be a real beauty sometimes and may have expensively modified parts that crooks can steal for their personal financial gains. It is very important that you equip your bike with a smart tracking or anti-theft device that will immediately notify you whenever your bike is stared through un-conventional means and will with active location tracking your bike will never be out of your sight.

Safety gear

Safety gear is not exactly an accessory but more of a necessity for every bike rider out there. Motorcycles happen and to ensure your safety and protection you need proper safety gear. Your motorcycle safety gear can include everything from a high-quality helmet to an impact-resistant pair of boots. Make sure you have your safety gear complete before riding your bike because safety gear can be the difference-maker in a life or death situation. Life is uncertain, preparing for the better and worse is more important than reaching the destination.

Motorbikes are more beneficial than they are given credit for. From health to financial benefits bike riding can offer a lot of benefits to riders. However, the important issue to address is to ride carefully with the safety of yourself and others in mind.


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