Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Car: A Guide For Beginners

Whether you are buying a car for the first time or have purchased one in numerous years, this guide will help you make your decision informative. Equipping you with the necessary knowledge, we will answer the most basic questions a person might have when going for a purchase.

How Many Passengers Do You Need To Carry?

Are you a newlywed who wants a vehicle for his spouse and kids? If yes, then a sedan or a compact SUV would be just right for you.

If you are a bachelor who loves fast cars and enjoys going on road trips, then a coupe would be perfect for you as it is stylish and agile.

If you have a large-sized family, let say you need to transport 7 or 8 people often then choosing a minivan or large-sized SUVs would be a wise decision. Most minivans and large SUVs can accommodate up to eight people.

Where Do You Drive? Is It Primarily Highways Or You Love Going To Uneven Terrains Such As Mud Gravel?

Many beginners don’t seem to have knowledge regarding this. Both on- roads and off-road require different vehicles. When you are driving on the road, the terrain is smooth. It is unlikely that you would lose traction unless there is rain or snow on the road.

For well-paved roads, you don’t need a powerful suspension, aggressive tyres and a four-wheel drive. So, a sedan or a 2WD SUV would offer you comfortable and relaxing rides with great fuel-efficiency.

However, if you are an off-road enthusiast and you love taking your vehicle on mud, sand or other tough terrains then you need to get a car that is equipped with four-wheel drive.

Unlike a two-wheel drivetrain system in which the acceleration is forwarded to either rear or front wheels, the four-wheel drive system provides power to all the four wheels. This gives the car a great balance in uneven terrains and supports the wheel to maintain an optimal level of traction.

To understand this better assume you are travelling in a front-wheel SUV in an area where you have to go through the mud. As you pass, one of your rear wheels gets stuck in the mud. Since your drivetrain system can transfer power to only the front wheel, it will be difficult for your car to get the traction back and to get back in position.

On the contrary, a four-wheel drive will provide enough traction to rear tyres and maintain traction which will, therefore, easily pass through any uneven surface.

However, you need to activate the four-wheel-drive system when it’s needed.

Long Commutes And Fuel-Economy

If you have long commutes and you often take highways to reach your home and office, then you should get a good-fuel economy vehicle while providing you with comfortable journeys on well-paved surfaces.

A car like Honda Civic 2020 will be a great option in such a case. The sedan with its turbocharged engine provides a fun driving experience with a 38-mpg highway mileage which is commendable.

If you have a knack for SUVs, you can go for Honda CR-V or Honda HR-V, both SUVs are quite affordable and can comfortably seat five passengers. The Honda CR-V gives 38 mpg average fuel economy.

Do You Need An All-Wheel Drive?

The all-wheel drive system is an innovation that was introduced recently. While it may be a little more complicated for people who have just gotten behind the wheels, it is very user-friendly. While the four-wheel drive system focuses on giving power to all wheels equally, the all-wheel drive system aims at providing power to the wheel which needs it the most.

AWD is mostly found in cars which take on roads such as crossovers, SUVs, sedans and minivans. While AWD is not as powerful as 4WD, you can use it to drive on fewer tough terrains like rocks or slippery roads.

Don’t forget to compare different vehicles. Honda KSA has introduced a diverse range of cars, from luxurious sedans to subcompact SUVs in their automobile line-up. The key to buying the perfect vehicle is assessing your needs honestly and smartly.

After you have done all your research, we are sure you can make your confident decision of choosing the right vehicle for you

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