NYC parking tickets and penalites

Delay in paying the parking ticket can lead to increased fines and penalties. If you extend the late fees submission by 80 days, it can cost you an additional $60 in NYC parking ticket penalties.

And taking the same up to 100 days will lead you to a judgement stage. The city authorities can take steps to collect the entire penalty debt and interests through debt collecting agencies. They are capable of seizing your assets in case you fail to pay the penalties. A penalty of $350 or more during the judgement could lead to the vehicle being booted or towed.

Owning a car in NYC is a tedious task. Getting a parking ticket is next to impossible. Parking tickets are expensive and delaying to increase the penalty only makes it worse. Avoiding the penalty is the best you can do to save money and the hefty charges.

Don’t let the parking tickets fines add up, don’t let them burn a hole in your pocket, instead take measures to avoid getting a ticket. But if you still get a ticket, don’t forget about it as it will only increase your penalties. Why not think of better ways to spend your money!

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Parking Ticket?

As a responsible driver, you should know about the potential penalties that might incur. Not paying on time will result in ridiculously high payment amounts. Most auto insurers won’t allow non-moving violations to affect premiums. While most auto insurers won’t allow non-moving violations (e.g., parking tickets) to affect premiums, they certainly hike rates for drivers who have suspended licenses or fail to pay parking violations.

Best Way to Avoid New York City Parking Ticket Fines?

Pay your parking tickets as soon as you can! As we mentioned in our article how to pay your New York City parking ticket fines in 2018, paying parking tickets can be as easy as buying a MetroCard or ticket to a Broadway show. So why not take the easy road and knock out that parking ticket while you can?

Knowing the laws:

As an experienced driver, one must be familiar with parking regulations and street signs. There are so many crazy looking signs on the road that you can be confused if not familiar with the signs.

The official NYC website lists all parking violations and traffic offences that you could potentially face while driving on the streets.

Parking regulations change for several times. Look carefully at parking signs for any modifications. Also, keep this New York City Department of Transportation disclaimer at the back of your head: “The public is advised that parking regulations are subject to temporary or permanent changes and that posted signage must be observed for compliance with laws and regulations.” It’s always best to cover your bases and know before you go! Check out for more rules on penalties

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