Nano Ceramic Coating Vs. Paint Protection Films

Nano Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection films are both great for conserving your car’s paint, but like every other product out there, they have advantages and disadvantages. You’re probably wondering which is better for your vehicle, let us dive into analyzing these two paints side by side.

What Do We Know About Them?

The Nano Ceramic coating is a liquid form of coat that is used on the outside of a car. This product links with the molecules of the paint on the car, making it safe from any form of contamination. It gives your car a level of protection, thus, making the vehicle stay cleaner for an extended period and easy to clean.

The Paint Protection film was meant to be a layer of protection for helicopter blades back in the Vietnam war. However, things have evolved, and now, it is being used to protect cars from different types of problems. It is a translucent, thermoplastic film that is usually fitted to the outer surface of the automobile. It has some healing features

What Are Their Similarities?

These two products serve as a form of protection for the outer look of your car. They aim to make sure your car keeps looking as new as the day you bought it. They do this by conserving the painting from any form of damages posed to it.

Added to this is the fact that these two products perform in the same way; they both protect the car from UV exposure of any kind and also protects the paint from any form of acidic contamination. Whether you choose to go with Nano ceramic coating or PPF, your car becomes more valuable with the protection they offer.

The Contrast Between NCC and PPF

These two merchandises, although similar, are still different in their unique ways. The Nano-Ceramic Coating can be considered expensive but not nearly as expensive as the Paint Protection Film. The NCC also makes the car shine more, which is not the case with PPF that decreases the gleam of the car. The PPF can protect the car from chippings of rocks and several scratches, but the ceramic coating cannot offer this.

Unlike the PPF that needs to be changed regularly or will turn a shade of yellowish blue, the ceramic coating is permanent and doesn’t need to re-installation over time. The ceramic coating is also hydrophobic and offers impressive water beading compared to the non-hydrophobic state of the PPF. NCC is also easy to install but can look weird if not correctly installed, PPF is very difficult to install and should be done by a pro.


Whichever your choice might be, it is always a good thing to protect your car paints, and these two merchandises offer that. Now, what is your decision? 


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