How Using Cheap Brake Parts Can Be Dangerous?

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Well almost everybody does. But it is necessary to know which things to bargain for and where to invest mindfully. The brakes are the most important component of your car, and you should not think about compromising on its quality. Bargain on brakes is not advisable and here’s why:

Cheap Brake Jobs

It is very common for local garages to service your braking systems with factory parts. Although the authorized parts come along with a hefty price tag attached to them, this is an investment worth going for. Most auto garages use heavily low-priced parts, mostly imported from oversea markets. Although they won’t burn a hole in your pockets, they won’t guarantee you safety either. These cheap products certainly do not contain the corrosion-resistant features that the Original Equipment Manufacturers have. Few of them even have fitting issues that require filing. These certainly arise to corrosion problems due to the rapid wearing of brake pads. If the cheap servicing does not fall in place, you need to go again for rotor measurements or replacements that alone cost a lot.

Aftermarket vs OEM

Aftermarket parts heavily fail to meet the quality standards set by OEM parts. Smooth and quiet OEM parts made of ceramic last longer than most of the available variants, costing you more. Semi-metallic OEM brake pads are best when you are driving a heavy vehicle. These parts ensure safety. Custom rotors brought in from China do not meet expected performance standards and might snap when high heat is generated.

Cons of Aftermarket Parts

  • Their quality and performance standard is highly inferior as compared to OEM parts.
  • The cheap parts require frequent replacements, accounting to an accumulated expenditure.
  • These purchases require a lot of research as the products graded lower can easily be posted at your disposal.
  • There is no true system of standards for these products to compare and buy.

Quality Concern

People are mainly concerned about the price rather than the quality which makes it easier for garages to sell these parts off. The short life of the components, uneven wear and tear, reduced braking potential, or brake system failures are common when you do not improvise on quality.

Having an investment once and securing the lives of the vehicle as well as you are wise and hence Cross drilled brake parts are something you must choose every time you think of replacements or upgrades.

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