How to Calculate the Salary of Auto Technician?

Automotive technicians are also called service technicians, or mechanics. Their primary task involves detection and repair issues in a vehicle. Let us learn more about the salary of an automotive technician.

What does National Salary Statistics show about the salary of an automotive technician?

As of May 2011, the average salary earned by an automotive technician is $38,560. His average hourly wage was $18.54. The factor that did they go to mechanic school, or received certification from the NIASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) can get them high pay and improved job prospects.

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Employee Value

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Role of Geographical Pay Variations in earnings of a mechanic

Automotive technicians have earned almost similar income when working in nonmetropolitan and metropolitan areas. The highest average earning was recorded as $52,090 per year. The possibility of high paying jobs was concentrated in the northeast, and southwest coastal states, Alaska, Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Hawaii.

Role of the Employment Sector in defining the salary of a service technician

Depending on their skills, automotive technicians can be placed in different areas such as automotive maintenance, and repair industry, gas stations, and tire stores, and automotive parts. Before an automobile dealer raises the salary of the automobile technician, you need to make sure they can fix an overheating car.


These are the factors on which the salary of an auto technician depends. With a better understanding of these factors, you can arrive at their actual pay.

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