How APS knock down anti-armor threat?

It’s a well known fact that even Army management agrees upon is the need for enhanced protection of soldiers and army vehicles against anti-tank weapons such as Chinese HJ-8 guided missiles or Russian Kornet. These missiles are inexpensive, simple to use and easily available that has led to rapid rise in combat zones in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and throughout Asia and Africa and they also pose major threats to US and UK armored vehicles.

To answer to these massive attacks, the automotive field has evolved beyond plain ceramic, steel plates that protect vehicles against artillery fragments, bullets, etc. APS (active protection systems) helps in boosting passive armor by demolishing missiles and RPGs, before it causes any damage to the targets.

APS program

Vehicle safety is one of the leading technologies of this plan combined with   autonomous systems, maneuver robotics, directed energy weapons, and power management and generation. The program of Army Futures Command is making new tanks, armored personnel carrier, fighting vehicle, and robotic vehicles.

As threat calls are increasing over the years, the vehicles should be armored well, particularly steel armor to avoid the diffusion of the car.

Other features to look in

Apart from how the vehicle has been armored technologically, you may also think of its other features. Usually, the body of the car is made up by hardening the galvanized ballistic steel, because it lets the car to withstand heat, rust, and corrosion.  It also helps to fight back against terror attack, threats, chemical explosion, bullet firing, etc. The windshield and windows are composed of bullet resistant glasses. It safeguards the person from any gunshot or advanced rifle attacks.


The advanced features are placed to detect or counteract incoming threat, before it causes any damage. It also improves platform protection, without disturbing armored vehicle performance.

The armored vehicle solutions boost platform survivability, retaining or stopping any offensive momentum. These advanced technologies make the vehicles stronger, yet lighter, without compromising the designs in the armoring sector.

If you are planning to purchase armored vehicles, you aren’t alone. In today’s volatile space, personal safety has become the huge concern for all individuals. When you’re travelling to any vulnerable places, armored vehicles and bulletproof cars play a key role in maintaining personal safety.

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