High-Quality Custom Car Accessories For Your Vehicles

We, at Totally Covers, offer extraordinary seat covers to all our customers. We have front, middle and rear seat covers available for different types of cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, etc. There are seat covers available in over 145 different colors and prints.  You can choose from a wide selection of animal prints, solid colors, camo prints, chequered and striped prints and many more. You can also get your name or logo printed on your seat covers.

Our camo car seat covers are extremely popular among our customers. We also have matching accessories for your vehicles. This includes steering wheel covers, floor mats, seat belt covers, sun shades and many more. Our accessories are available in the exact same print and color as your car seat cover. This will help you to completely redesign the interior of your vehicle. You can also get your vehicle’s interior personalized as per your choice. Let us have a look at some of our most popular car accessories and seat covers.

1 Hawaiian Print Car Seat Covers

Our Hawaiian print car seat covers are extremely popular among our customers. They come in a complete set of both front and rear seat covers. You will also be provided with two rear headrest covers. We have Hawaiian print car seat covers available for different types of vehicles. You can also get customized seat belt holders and side airbags along with your seat covers. We offer the best camo seat covers in Canada.

We can make our seat covers for all kinds of car seats. Our products are made of high-quality cotton material and they also have a three-layered construction for added durability. The foam padding will protect the seats of your vehicles and will also provide you with a lot of comfort.

2 Solid Color Car Seat Covers

If you have a likeness for solid colors, you can come to us. We have seat covers made with a solid color that are available for your cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, etc. There are over 27 unique colors available at our online store. You will just have to provide us with your vehicle details and we will make sure that our seat covers are perfect on your car seats. 

You can also get customized accessories along with your seat covers. Our popular colors include white, orange, red, blue, pink, yellow, etc. We have matching car accessories available in various colors as well. You can also get bench seat covers in solid colors.

3 Custom Car Accessories

You will be able to design your car interior on your own from a huge selection of prints and colors. You can also get your name and logo printed on them. We have different types of accessories available including floor mats, steering wheel covers, rear view mirror cover, seat belt cover, sun shades, shift knob cover, handbrake covers, etc. 

Our accessories will protect your vehicle and will make its various parts look new and attractive. Our decorative interior accessories will give your car a personal touch. They are also made of good quality material and will last for years.

So, if you wish to purchase car seat covers for suv, trucks, vans, etc, you must make it a point to visit our online store. You can also come to us for customized car accessories of all kinds.

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