Essential and Important Information While Renting a Car in Canada


Taking a car rental in your trip to Canada is a great idea and it will turn your trip into a real exciting adventure and thrill. Indeed, it is a great choice of renting a car instead of travelling by train, or bus or public transport because it gives the freedom and flexibility to organise your trip, stop wherever you like, spend as much time you wish to admire the magnificent landscapes with your own pleasure. Rent your best and suitable car from Location Decarie which is not only affordable but will give you your intended flexibility and freedom to travel on the most gorgeous highways of the world.

One of the important aspects of renting a car in Canada obviously for everyone in the budget or how much car rental costs in Canada. However, there are options which may reduce your car rental prices such as booking the car rental through the fly-drive package from your home or book much earlier in advance. You can further find out the price comparison from various websites and decide which price suits you. Most importantly, it is always costlier if you do not book your trip well in advance and sometimes you may not get your preferred car if book then and there. 

However, though the car rental varies as per the time of the year, the usual rental for an economy car in Canada in high season comes around 48 CAD and in low season it comes around 44 CAD. Similarly, the minicar rent comes around 48 CAD in high season and 44 CAD in low season. The 4 x 4 price in high season is 81 CAD and in low season 87 CAD, and the RV is high season is 138 CAD and in low season is 106 CAD.

The second important aspect of renting a car in Canada is the issue of insurance. Eventually, almost all the renters pay the insurance whereas this can be reduced three times. The CDW or Collision Damage Waiver is an accident-related insurance that is almost always included in the car rental contract. But the CDW actually covers a smaller part of the damage whereas you will have to pay the major part yourself. Find out whether your personal vehicle insurance covers rental and if it does you can save a lot of money from the CDW. 

Similarly, your credit card may also cover the oversea car insurance which you should check with your bank directly. Another way to reduce the insurance cost is to find a third-party insurance provider instead of your car rental company who can provide a much better rate than the car rental company.

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