Decode Your VIN and know All about Your Vehicle

The VIN, whose acronym translated from ‘ English means Number Vehicle Identification, matches the serial number of a vehicle, which unlike the serial number of a mobile phone, contains important information about the vehicle, essential during purchase. The first place is where the engine is located, which you can access simply by lifting the bonnet and looking at the part located towards the passenger seat, better known as the ‘ wall of fire. ‘ The second code will find it on the passenger seat, precisely under his mat, and the third, being the point pi ù easy to notice, it is located in the front windshield.

 How can you read the chassis number?

Once you have discovered where the VIN code is, it is important to proceed with a correct reading and interpretation.

For simplicity and transparency, the identification number has standard characteristics for all European countries so that it can be easily read and decoded by anyone.

The Vehicle identification number is presented as a sequence of 17 alphanumeric characters, which can be divided into three parts called WMI, VDS, VIS.

There are a number of different places your VIN can appear on your vehicle. (You should also be able to find it in the vehicle insurance and title records). If you have any difficulty locating the vehicle’s VIN number

The three components of the VIN code

WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier): is the manufacturer code and is composed of the first three elements. The first digit is identify the country of the manufacturer. For example, Z: Italy, W: Germany, V: France, S: England, 1: USA. The second and third elements indicate the international manufacturer code, such as AR for Alfa Romeo or FA for Fiat.

VDS (Vehicle Descriptor Section): consists of 6 to 8 characters that correspond to the model of the car and the factory where it was produced.

VIS (Vehicle Identifier Section): is the section dedicated to the progressive production number of the vehicle. It precisely identifies the individual car (serial number). It is made up of the last 6, 7, or 8 characters, of which the last four must necessarily be numbers.

 How to check the vehicle identification number for free?

If the system of the 17 characters of the VIN code seems cryptic to you and you want to have clearer information about the car you are about to buy in a short time, know that  https://checkcar4free.com/ on the net that offer the code check service.

Alternatively, it is not possible to go back directly to the source, avoiding any help. Just consult the manufacturer’s web page. In fact, the  https://checkcar4free.com/  often have an online service for decoding the VIN code.

It is advised to always keep carefully all the information obtained from the vehicle identification number, especially when buying and selling a new car.

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