Cooper tires are made with all the state-of-the-art technology in the tire market which can be evident from their much needed stickler to modern day innovations while achieving the stability, strength and performance in their tire products for the maximum driving experience.

Their variants ranges from 4×4 standard vehicles to SUV and light trucks while possessing the technical knowhow on ensure your tires are protected from wearing and tearing and a quieter journey experience.

The company’s invention of cutting edge tread design are meant to enhance a higher traction and a needed  grip power for a satisfying experience.

Cooper brands are reliable and strictly recommended for affordability and quality for all drivers. There is a long list of dimensions and fitting details that are compatible with modern vehicle models such as, Toyota, BMW, Honda, , Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and Porsche brands.


Cooper tires are one of the reasons to buy tires Dubai for an opportunity of a 45-day warranty for both old and new customers alike. When users are faced with unforeseen issues within 45 days after purchase, there is and available option for a return and refund.


As a result of it’s long lasting design features, customers are been assured a durable and reliable driving experience. Cooper tires are built with premium and that is why it is one of the best tires available in Dubai.


Cooper tires are of remarkable technological advancement with its technological advancement is been recognized in major countries of the world. The company are been able to achieve the much needed success in tire science and technology by making sure there is no room for wearing and tearing problems. In addition, the brands are been tried and tested before distribution.


When looking for an affordable tire with all the premium quality it can offer with the ever competitive market standard, Cooper tire might just be the right deal for you. The tyre company produces a wide range of cheap but quality products which are accessible  for both low-end and high-end care users accross the continent.


For mountain terrains,  off-road tracks, icy surfaces and regular road network, Cooper tires ensures you have the best driving experience without any restrictions. They also come in so many distinct measurements such width, dimensions and details that are compatible with any of the major car brand in the modern market.

List of products

(i) For both Car and SUVs

ATT, AT3 (4S), ZEON LTZ, 4TS, SRX, CS5 GRAND, CS5 ULTRA, Evolution Tour, ZEON RS3-S, ZEON RS3-S ,A, & G1, ZEON C7.

(ii) For 4×4

STT PRO, Evolution M/T, S/T, AT3 XLT, AT3 (LT), AT3 (4S), ZEON LTZ & LTZ PRO, SRX.

Other brands includes the Discoverer series like AT3, AT3 (4S), AT3 XLT and the STT & Pro models. Also, there is the Cobra series and the available models such as the Radial G/T.

There are so many reasons why you should invest your money in Cooper tire brands. Cooper Tyres for sale at Dubai Tyre Shop  is the official webpage with the needed information to purchase one today.

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