Concepts and Types of Cranes

The crane is one of the crucial equipment invented into transportation and construction. Credit for its introduction to the world belongs to the ancient Greeks who later used the power of the beasts of burden to power these cranes. Of course, we’ve come a long way since then and most cranes today use hydraulic systems, internal combustion engines and motors to get the job done. Many industries nowadays operate and move heavy loads using cranes.

However, by allowing men to easily drag and drop objects almost ten times the size, cranes have been used in almost every industry involving transportation. Whether on land or water, it is simply impossible to carry out a multitude of important activities without the use of cranes. By the way, there are two types of cranes that are worth discussing now: mobile crane and marine crane.

Mobile cranes belong to the category of mobile cranes made by cranes manufacturers. These cranes are attached to the top of the truck to allow them to move from one place to another. These cranes are usually categorized into two: upper and lower. The lower part consists of a support and the upper part includes a support that does the whole survey. The two halves are connected by a rotating platform which allows the branch to move. Usually, these cranes operate with hydraulic pumps to move heavy loads. 

Additionally, the advantage of using mobile cranes from crane manufacturing on the truck is that the transport of the crane itself becomes easier. However, due to legal restrictions, it may sometimes be necessary to disassemble the crane to meet weight specifications. Under these conditions, the counterweight is usually transported in a separate truck. With some large cranes the whole branch can be dismantled while driving. The only problem with these cranes is the risk of tipping over due to the weight balance. These cranes are capable of lifting loads ranging from 14.5 tonnes to 1300 tonnes. Therefore, care should be taken to move the objects without dropping the entire unit.

Furthermore, Marine crane manufacturing, as the name suggests, are used for navigation and other port activities. It is believed that these cranes were used in the Middle Ages to load and unload cargoes and also to place masts on large ships.

There are generally two types of marine cranes made by cranes manufacturers: gantry and tower. The first uses a central axis to rotate, while the second is mounted on a tower and only the movable lever is in the movable position. The special thing about these cranes is that they come with two rails that speed up the loading process. Belts are usually located on both sides of the shaft to increase speed. Today even floating cranes are used on the quay. These cranes have brought the advantage of flexibility in the transport of the docks. However, gantry cranes and tower cranes remain popular in terms of weight and maneuverability. If you need crane services, check the efficiency of the company and the cranes it is installed on.


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