The very idea of health benefits associated with riding motorbikes can shock a lot of people. On the contrary, most people usually might have heard a lot of negative implications and risks of driving a motorbike.

From overprotective parents to a concerned friend, as a motorbike rider you might have been advised by someone to rethink the mode of transportation you have chosen for yourself. And we can understand that it can be hard to explain someone about the experience bike riding gives every time you feel the rush of adrenalin going through your veins or when going to long countryside trips on your bike.

Apart from looking stylish and athletic bike riding also can improve both the physical and mental health of riders studies have confirmed. There are more than transportation benefits to own a bike, from reducing stress, improving body posture, mental health, and focus on improving cognitive functions bike riding provides a host of benefits for riders. Let’s dig a bit deeper and talk about some of the major physical and mental health benefits that a bike rider can expect while riding a bike regularly.

Improved cognitive function

There are a handful and specific exercises and health activities that specifically improve cognitive abilities. Biking likely is one of them, as a biker, you have to analyze every turn, road position, continuously observe your soundings and adjust your speed. This continuous coordination between your mind and muscles improves the way you function and improves your overall mental health. Some scientific studies even have revealed that regularly riding a bike can improve your cognitive ability to as high as 50% or even more.

Higher calories burn

Bike riding where is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, it also is one of the toughest sport. Dirt biking and countryside biking can be a very healthy sport that can burn a serious amount of calories. The calories that you can expect to burn while driving can be somewhere between 200-300 per hour, but if you add sportier stunts and drive in rough terrains, you can burn more than 600-800 calories per hour.

Reduced stress levels

There is nothing quite like a long countryside trip exploring natural areas and having lunch in remote areas with beautiful views. Exploring such areas on the bike can not only just reduce stress levels but can also boost your mood and help you control your anxiety. While riding, having a biker’s outfit for style and aesthetics is equally as important as reaching your destination. For enjoying your trips while being in style check out these best leather motorcycle vests.

Stronger knees

Bikes are usually heavy and in congested areas with a large amount of traffic and red lights can require you to make several stops that require the use of your legs and thighs to hold your bike. This increased and regular usage of legs and thighs can make your legs stronger and will also prevent you from developing any joint or knee health issues or pain.

Stronger back and neck

Riding bikes for both short and long periods requires keeping your spine straight and in line with the weight of the motorbike, this helps in building core strength making your back stronger. Similarly while riding you have to keep notice of a lot of things in your surroundings and you have to look left and right again and again to keep a note of things. This increased movement of neck muscles improves the strength of the neck.

When there are several scientific evidence-based studies that reveal riding bikes can improve both mental and physical health then there is no reason to second guess your choice to be a bike rider. Always take care of your surrounding and drive-by abiding laws of traffic to keep yourself and others safe.

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