All You Need To Know About The Honda Civic: Price, Internal Specs And Safety Features

To Coupe or Si Coupe, that is the question. Coupes are two-door cars with a slanting rear roof. This, along with a small space for passenger gives them a sporty look and helps to differentiate them from the standard sedan cars. Both the coupes offered by Honda Motors are a good choice, but let’s see which one is truly better than the other and why.


The cost of the vehicle is often a determining factor when deciding and purchasing the said vehicle, especially if most of the features are similar to one another. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the Civic Coupe is $21,050 and the MSRP of the Civic Si Coupe is $25,200. The MSRP is the price the manufacturer suggests. The local dealerships can increase or decrease the price by a couple of grand, but it should be closer to the set MSRP. If the price you’ve been told is dramatically different, then you are either being ripped off or there is something wrong with the vehicle.

So, Civic Coupe wins this round as it costs roughly $4000 less than the Civic Si Coupe.

Internal Specs

Both of the coups have front-wheel drive. They also have the same capacity for their fuel tank: 12.4 gallons. They can just about fit five passengers, including the driver and have the cargo space of 12.1 cubic feet in Civic Coupe and 11.9 cubic feet in Civic Si Coupe. Furthermore, they both have a similar dimension. Their length, width and height are almost the same, with Honda Coupe being very slightly bigger.

So, this round is a draw as they both have almost the same features.


The Civic Coupe comes in seven colors while the Civic Si Coupe comes in six. The Civic Si Coupe interior comes in cloth trims in black material only, while the civic Coupe’s seat trims come in black and ivory.

So, this round is won by Civic Coupe as it comes with more variety of colors in both exterior and interior options.


Both the coupes are equipped with the standard Bluetooth connection, Aux input and an mp3 player. They also have audio controls on the steering wheels, adaptive cruise control – a nifty feature that automatically adjusts the speed of the car by increasing or decreasing it to maintain appropriate distance with the vehicle in front, when the cruise control is switched on. They also have climate control and a keyless entry feature. However, the keyless start option – the ability to start the engine by pushing a button, multizone A/C and heated front seats are features only found in the Civic Si Coupe. Telematics is a special feature that keeps track of the vehicle’s data such as its location, speed, fuel consumption etc. This is also only found in Civic Si Coupe and not the Civic Coupe.

So, this round goes to Civic Si Coupe as it has more advanced technology than the Civic Coupe.

Safety Features

Both of these Honda classics are equipped with a plethora of safety features including, a backup camera and an automatic brake assist. They also have a lane departure warning system and a lane-keeping assist, that automatically adjust the steering of the vehicle to make sure it stays in the middle of the lane and not mistakenly goes to the other lane. They also have a stability and traction control system which helps to maintain control of the vehicle when harsh brakes are applied, so the vehicle does not skid and slide. Both of the vehicles also come with six airbags including the driver’s and passenger’s as well as the front, rear and side so the front passengers are safe from all angles in case of an accident.

So, in this round, both of the coupes win as they both have the same safety features as the other.


Civic Coupe has won two rounds: price and color, while Civic Si Coupe has won one round: features. Both the coupes won two rounds: internal specs and safety features. Therefore, the Civic Coupe wins overall. However, if the price is not a big contender, Civic Si Coupe is also a good choice. Check out Honda Tunisia for more details and competitive pricing.

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