5 Things to check if your dream  bike is not starting

When your bike does not start, it is not always easy to determine what the issue is. Instead of calling a mechanic at the first sign of the problem. There are some steps for what to do when your bike won’t start, but a battery is still in good condition. First and foremost thing, you must check and confirm that the battery is functional. After this confirmation, here are some tips to check if your dream bike is not starting are listed below:

How to check whether your bike battery is good

Symptoms of a dead battery will include a dim running light, clicking sound when you turn a key and the short-lived crank of starter. The hero super splendor review has positive feedback about the condition of the battery. If you do not check the symptoms or otherwise make sure what to look for, the first step is to ensure the battery is operational and it provides the maximum voltage. To confirm your dream bike battery is still in good condition  then you should visually, check the voltage and load test of the battery. A visual battery inspection should involve:

  • Check for the broken terminal
  • Examining the battery for the leaks
  • Looking for the bumps or cracks on a battery case

Engine cut off switch

It is one of the common thing that we forgot to check before getting tensed with the starting problem. Sometimes you use the ignition key to turn off your bike instead of the engine kill. So on time, you use it and forget to turn off the switch and keep trying to crank an engine.

Check your fuel

When your bike fuel level goes down, it is also very difficult to consider its availability using gauge and it could also be the reason why your bike is not starting? At the time, you can use some old school techniques to check if your bike contains fuel or not. Most of the people are choosing the easiest way to shake your bike gently when on the main stand and wait to hear the sound of remaining fuel if any, from the tank. The lowest mileage bike is easy to check the level of fuel and it is easy to use. In addition, you could also check by using the flashlight of your mobile phone.

Clogged the fuel tank vent

Most of the bikes have the keyhole of a fuel tank cap. When the vent gets clogged then the tank stops a supply of the fuel to a lower system. You can unclog the vent with the very thin wire or the pin along with the forced blow in that hole.

Loose spark plug wire

The loose spark wire is not new for bike rides and it can occur due to the jerks. You do not need any mechanic to fix this type of problem. Just unplug or replug a connector and try to start a bike again.

Wrapping up

Therefore, these are certain things you need to keep in mind when your bike is not starting. Follow the above-mentioned tips and keep calm and start your bike in a peaceful mind.

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