Alpa Towing – Long Distance Towing Services

If you’re looking to transport your vehicle across town or further, we can help out.  Alpa Towing offers the best in all long distance towing services. We have an amazingly talented team of roadside specialists that will help you get your vehicle to where it needs to go. We cover the entire Plano area, and we’re on call 24/7. You can always get a hold of us in case you have any roadside emergency as well. Long distance trips are one of our specialties at Alpa Towing. You can save plenty of mileage on your car by having it towed. On the same note, you could save some money on your trip through your insurance provider. You might be eligible to receive a discount per mile, so make sure you check with your local insurance provider. Our job is to safely transport your vehicle.

While most towing companies hit you with a surprise fee or hidden charges, we’re always upfront with our customers. We’ll give you a free estimation by phone, which you will have in writing. We require all of our team members to present you with valid company ID upon arrival. We never take any chances on the road. Long distance towing is an ideal way to preserve your vehicle from hitting the bumps and turns on the road. Your vehicle is safely strapped to our powerful trucks, and we abide by all roadside regulations. We also offer the best in all towing and roadside assistance services. We offer long distance towing, local distance towing, flatbed towing, heavy duty towing, luxury vehicle towing, and 24/7 roadside assistance. If you’re low on fuel or need a quick boost to get your battery started, we’ll be there for you. No other towing company goes the extra mile to keep you safe!

You’ve Found the Best!

Alpa Towing understands how important it is to be punctual. As a matter of fact, we’re renowned for our prompt arrival timing and expert level of customer care. Please feel free to browse through our extensive list of satisfied customer testimonials. We put a lot of hard work into each satisfied testimonial. If you’re looking for the best long haul towing company in Plano, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Give us a call today for more details.