Paintless Dent Repair in Plano

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The range of services we are able to give is extremely broad. One of those services is paintless dent repair. For those that want dings and dents repaired without a trace, we’re the go-to company in the Plano area.

When it comes to towing, well…we handle both local and long distance towing needs, truck towing, flatbed towing and of course, if you happen to have an emergency we are able to give the best roadside assistance in the entire region.

Affordable Service

Did you know that almost all dings and dents can be repaired these days without the need for a new paint job? This is especially true when the job is done by a professional technician like those that work with us. Because we only work with the best, we can ensure that dings and dents are removed without touching the original paint on your vehicle.

Car dealers, auctions and rental agencies are now widely using paintless dent removal services in order to get vehicles ready to sell. However, most average people don’t know that these services exist.
We have the right tools in order to remove dents, some that can be quite large, from the body of your vehicle, and we can do it without sanding or repainting!

The following types of situations are suited especially well for paintless dent repair.

  • If your car is newer than 1990
  • If you have small or large dents
  • If your vehicle has been damaged by hail
  • If your paint has not been excessively damaged (no cracks or breaks)
  • If your dent is not close to the edge of any panel
  • If there has never been other repair work made

Give us a call today, or come by and let us take a look at your dent. We’ll let you know up front if paintless dent repair is an option for you!